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Abrasive & Sandpaper Manufacturing Adhesive Manufacturing Aircraft, Engine & Parts Manufacturing Alarm, Horn & Traffic Control Equipment Manufacturing Aluminum Manufacturing Animal Food Production Apparel Knitting Mills Art & Office Supply Manufacturing Asphalt Manufacturing Athletic & Sporting Goods Manufacturing ATV, Golf Cart & Snowmobile Manufacturing Audio & Video Equipment Manufacturing Automobile Brakes Manufacturing Automobile Electronics Manufacturing Automobile Engine & Parts Manufacturing Automobile Interior Manufacturing Automobile Metal Stamping Automobile Steering & Suspension Manufacturing Automobile Transmission Manufacturing Auto Parts Manufacturing Baking Mix & Prepared Food Production Ball Bearing Manufacturing Battery Manufacturing Billboard & Sign Manufacturing Blind & Shade Manufacturing Boat Building Boiler & Heat Exchanger Manufacturing Bottled Water Production Brand Name Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Bread Production Breweries Cabinet & Vanity Manufacturing Candy Production Canned Fruit & Vegetable Processing Car & Automobile Manufacturing Cardboard Box & Container Manufacturing Carpet Mills Cement Manufacturing Ceramics Manufacturing Cereal Production Chemical Product Manufacturing Chocolate Production Cigarette & Tobacco Manufacturing Circuit Board & Electronic Component Manufacturing Clay Brick & Product Manufacturing Coated & Laminated Paper Manufacturing Coffee Production Communication Equipment Manufacturing Computer Manufacturing Computer Peripheral Manufacturing Concrete Pipe & Block Manufacturing Construction Machinery Manufacturing Cookie, Cracker & Pasta Production Copier & Optical Machinery Manufacturing Copper Rolling, Drawing & Extruding Cosmetic & Beauty Products Manufacturing Costume & Team Uniform Manufacturing Cut and Sew Manufacturers Dairy Product Production Distilleries Dye & Pigment Manufacturing Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Engine & Turbine Manufacturing Explosives Manufacturing Ferrous Metal Foundry Products Fertilizer Manufacturing Flour Milling Forklift & Conveyor Manufacturing Frozen Food Production Generic Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Glasses & Contact Lens Manufacturing Glass Product Manufacturing Guns & Ammunition Manufacturing Gym & Exercise Equipment Manufacturing Gypsum Product Manufacturing Hand Tool & Cutlery Manufacturing Hardware Manufacturing Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment Manufacturing Hose & Belt Manufacturing Hosiery Mills Household Furniture Manufacturing Ice Cream Production Ink Manufacturing Inorganic Chemical Manufacturing Iron & Steel Manufacturing Jewelry Manufacturing Juice Production Laminated Plastics Manufacturing Leather Good & Luggage Manufacturing Leather Tanning & Finishing Lighting & Bulb Manufacturing Lighting Fixtures Manufacturing Lime Manufacturing Lubricant Oil Manufacturing Machine Shop Services Major Household Appliance Manufacturing Manufacturing Margarine & Cooking Oil Processing Mattress Manufacturing Meat, Beef & Poultry Processing Medical Device Manufacturing Medical Instrument & Supply Manufacturing Men's & Boys' Apparel Manufacturing Metal Can & Container Manufacturing Metal Pipe & Tube Manufacturing Metal Plating & Treating Metal Stamping & Forging Metal Tank Manufacturing Metalworking Machinery Manufacturing Millwork Mineral Product Manufacturing Mining, Oil & Gas Machinery Manufacturing Motorcycle, Bike & Parts Manufacturing Navigational Instrument Manufacturing Nonferrous Metal Foundry Products Manufacturing Nonferrous Metal Refining Nonferrous Metal Rolling & Alloying Office Furniture Manufacturing Office Stationery Manufacturing Organic Chemical Manufacturing Oxygen & Hydrogen Gas Manufacturing Paint Manufacturing Paperboard Mills Paper Mills Paper Product Manufacturing Pesticide Manufacturing Petrochemical Manufacturing Petroleum Refining Plastic Bottle Manufacturing Plastic Film, Sheet & Bag Manufacturing Plastic Pipe & Parts Manufacturing Plastic Products Miscellaneous Manufacturing Plastic & Resin Manufacturing Plastics & Rubber Machinery Manufacturing Polystyrene Foam Manufacturing Power Conversion Equipment Manufacturing Power Tools & Other General Purpose Machinery Manufacturing Precast Concrete Manufacturing Prefabricated Home Manufacturing Printing Printing, Paper, Food, Textile & Other Machinery Manufacturing Printing Services Pump & Compressor Manufacturing Quick Printing Ready-Mix Concrete Manufacturing Recordable Media Manufacturing Rubber Product Manufacturing Sanitary Paper Product Manufacturing Sawmills & Wood Production Screw, Nut & Bolt Manufacturing Seafood Preparation Seasoning, Sauce and Condiment Production Semiconductor & Circuit Manufacturing Semiconductor Machinery Manufacturing Sheet Metal, Window & Door Manufacturing Ship Building Shoe & Footwear Manufacturing Snack Food Production Soap & Cleaning Compound Manufacturing Soda Production Solar Panel Manufacturing Space Vehicle & Missile Manufacturing Steel Rolling & Drawing Structural Metal Product Manufacturing Sugar Processing SUV & Light Truck Manufacturing Synthetic Fiber Manufacturing Syrup & Flavoring Production Tank & Armored Vehicle Manufacturing Tea Production Telecommunication Networking Equipment Manufacturing Textile Mills Tire Manufacturing Tortilla Production Toy, Doll & Game Manufacturing Tractors & Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Train, Subway & Transit Car Manufacturing Truck & Bus Manufacturing Truck, Trailer & Motor Home Manufacturing Urethane Foam Manufacturing Vacuum, Fan & Small Household Appliance Manufacturing Valve Manufacturing Vitamin & Supplement Manufacturing Wind Turbine Manufacturing Wineries Wire & Cable Manufacturing Wire & Spring Manufacturing Wiring Device Manufacturing Women’s, Girls’ and Infants’ Apparel Manufacturing Wood Pallets & Skids Production Wood Paneling Manufacturing Wood Product Manufacturing Wood Pulp Mills Woodworking Machinery Manufacturing

Wholesale Trade

Aircraft, Marine & Railroad Transportation Equipment Wholesaling Automobile Wholesaling Auto Parts Wholesaling Beef & Pork Wholesaling Beer Wholesaling Book, Magazine & Newspaper Wholesaling Camera & Film Wholesaling Cattle & Hog Wholesaling Chemical Wholesaling Cigarette & Tobacco Products Wholesaling Coal & Ore Wholesaling Computer & Packaged Software Wholesaling Confectionery Wholesaling Construction & Mining Equipment Wholesaling Copier & Office Equipment Wholesaling Corn, Wheat & Soybean Wholesaling Dairy Wholesaling Drug, Cosmetic & Toiletry Wholesaling Egg & Poultry Wholesaling Electrical Equipment Wholesaling Electronic Part & Equipment Wholesaling Farm, Lawn & Garden Equipment Wholesaling Farm Supplies Wholesaling Fish & Seafood Wholesaling Flower & Nursery Stock Wholesaling Footwear Wholesaling Frozen Food Wholesaling Fruit & Vegetable Wholesaling Furniture Wholesaling Gasoline & Petroleum Bulk Stations Gasoline & Petroleum Wholesaling Glasses & Contacts Wholesaling Grocery Wholesaling Heating & Air Conditioning Wholesaling Home Furnishing Wholesaling Industrial Machinery & Equipment Wholesaling Industrial Supplies Wholesaling Janitorial Equipment Supply Wholesaling Jewelry & Watch Wholesaling Laboratory Supply Wholesaling Lumber Wholesaling Manufactured Home Wholesaling Medical Supplies Wholesaling Men's & Boys' Apparel Wholesaling Metal Wholesaling Office Stationery Wholesaling Paint Wholesaling Paper Bag & Disposable Plastic Product Wholesaling Paper Wholesaling Piece Goods, Notions & Other Apparel Wholesaling Plastics Wholesaling Plumbing & Heating Supplies Wholesaling Recyclable Material Wholesaling Refrigeration Equipment Wholesaling Restaurant & Hotel Equipment Wholesaling Roofing, Siding & Insulation Wholesaling Soft Drink, Baked Goods & Other Grocery Wholesaling Sporting Goods Wholesaling Stone, Concrete & Clay Wholesaling Tire Wholesaling Tool & Hardware Wholesaling Toy & Craft Supplies Wholesaling TV & Appliance Wholesaling Used Car Parts Wholesaling Wholesale Trade Wholesale Trade Agents and Brokers Wine & Spirits Wholesaling Women's & Children's Apparel Wholesaling