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About Us


Our mission is to find and connect the current and the new wave of clients to real business partners. It is now our challenge to make this a reality with a large collection of recognitions for all occasions.

How is AntsPath free to use?

AntsPath is a Free tool. We decided to go this way, to help both the people to find their best matching service providers and for the companies, to get more clients. We make our money from the proven methodology tool we provide to ambitious service providers.

How we're different

Old clients are valuable by themselves. Building an engaged community around your brand is more valuable. Retention marketing is the key to get your business off the ground and innovate. It does so by inspiring people and enabling better decision-making. Our mission is to support service providers.

A solution with global coverage

We work closely with key strategic partners and provide global coverage. We open opportunities for partnerships worldwide, in all types of business without restrictions, under equal market conditions. The dynamics of the market are the measure that determines the approach of our users.

How we collect data

We combine machine learning and data engineering with robust verification processes and a strong network of ecosystems. These days, companies grow from seed stage to unicorn within a few years. Therefore historical data is no longer enough. The next big thing can emerge from anywhere in the world, not just Silicon Valley or other established tech hubs. Real-time data and predictive technology are required, using powerful algorithms.

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