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Research methodology

With the flourishing development of online social networks and various digital platforms, many marketers have taken advantage of the opportunities and tried to choose good tools or consulting companies for lead generation. Different approaches and messages are used to influence our choices when looking for clients, but the main thing is that the main thing is to offer lists of companies that would be potential future partners if we could present ourselves to them. How successful this model is, what is the percentage of closed deals and what is the value of each lead is a topic in which we will not go into details, there is a lot of information, and everyone who has invested time and money in such an activity has a relevant answer.

With the development of online marketing, understanding how influence should be spread as wide as possible with limited resources is extremely important. To this end, we need to find practical solutions to the problem of maximizing influence, however, the solution to the problem is difficult. Approaches that guarantee a solution are desirable alternatives. Provided that the influencers can be properly selected and handled, the influence spread can be considered successful.

The main motivation of this platform or tool is to explore appropriate approaches to approach the impact maximization problem that would yield effective and efficient solutions. Based on the existing problems as mentioned above, influence maximization has been developed by using two approaches viz. centralized and decentralized approach.

Compared to centralized approaches, decentralized approaches are more efficient and effective because tasks are distributed among individual entities. In order to solve the open problems of centralized approaches, we propose a new decentralized approach called “Ant Path Model” which is based on the concept of Retention Marketing.

Ants build colonies and work together to nurture their colony. By nurturing your social media community with useful information about your partners and customers, you encourage them to collaborate with you. Your loyal customers will help you to multiply your successful social media presence by creating and sharing quality content about your business.

Retention marketing isn't a new strategy, but it definitely deserves a little more love and attention. This is the spirit behind the idea that it is more valuable to have a limited circle of fanatics, fans or followers of the company or brand among your customers, rather than an unlimited number of unpredictable potential customers. All these fickle or hypothetical customers may never do business with you, but your brand loyal ones will come back to you every time they need a quality service or product that they already know. Never underestimate the immense power of the trust and relationship between you and your satisfied customers, it is a valuable asset to which you now have a direct contact.

It has been proven that attracting a new customer is 5 to 7 times more expensive than retaining an existing customer. At the same time, trying to re-engage (reactivate) is 20 times more expensive than the cost of retaining a currently served customer. Moreover, every customer relationship is perceived as a strategic resource from which a certain return (ROI) is expected. The lesson behind the rule remains the same – it's cheaper to retain loyal customers than to chase new ones. Especially now, when such platforms are born like "mushrooms after the rain". The truth is that they offer you to move from one aggressive competitive environment to another one, even more concentrated than the normal market, because the concentration of competitors for a limited number of potential customers is overwhelming. Statistics confirm the fact that in order to successfully fight for a customer similarly, you need to either pay more for the contact, or offer the lowest possible final price, or have a ready-made product that is profitable for the customer, but the latter is a very rare situation. Therefore, we offer a truly efficient working solution that is cost-effective, helps to revive old trade or business contacts, further builds your image and all this in a proven model with accurate result metrics.

No-holds-barred marketing pushes customers into your funnel, through the checkout line, and through the back door. It's crazy, but when you put it into perspective, it's the trap that many businesses fall into - constantly throwing money at brand-new eyes and leads instead of focusing on old lifetime partners and repeat relationships.

Retention marketing is the strategies and tactics you use to nurture and maintain your customer relationships. E-commerce isn't the only industry doing it-everyone from big companies to the corner store is doing it to keep customers coming back for more.

For example, when Amazon sends you a push notification with a $100 coupon, that hits you with a retention marketing strategy. And when your local pizzeria invites you back with a buy-one-get-two pizza text message, that's using retention marketing. Here the examples can be countless, each of us has been part of a similar marketing mechanism and knows that it really works and is EFFECTIVE.

Therefore, we offer a place or a tool for you to effectively maintain the "good old, familiar and working ant road" and use it for real business deals with your well-known customers, and additionally build up a positive reputation.