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Companies providing service: Lighting Design

Service: Lighting Design

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Corporate Environmental Responsibility (CER)


Founding date 01 Jan 2011
Type Small (10-49) Company
State Looking for clients


Diseño de Identidad Corporativa

La personalidad de tu marca se construirá a partir de los siguientes elementos visuales: distintivo (logotipo, imagotipo, isotipo o isologo) color, tipografía, manual corporativo (guía de utilización de la marca) y el tono de comunicación (cómo le hablarás a tus clientes). Dando por resultado, una Identidad Corporativa completa y funcional, la cual, debe conectar emocionalmente con tu público objetivo (target).

Experimentación gráfica

La Experimentación Gráfica es el hilo conductor y la razón de la mayoría de mis diseños. Experimentar y diseñar es divertido, es sinónimo de creatividad pura, la misma que siente un niño cuando abre una caja de crayones, orgánica, sin filtros. La efectividad de este recurso dependerá de tu criterio y de la libertad que me otorgues para desarrollar tu proyecto.

Edición de video

El video debe convertirse en una herramienta de comunicación indispensable para tu empresa. La utilización de las redes sociales como medio de promoción, requieren de mensajes cortos y directos. La edición de video jugará un papel determinante para el impacto de tus mensajes, ¿Quieres comenzar a contar historias?


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Corporate Environmental Responsibility (CER)


Founding date 01 Jan 1992
Type Small (10-49) Company
State Looking for clients


Hi, my name is Ben Blankenbaker, I’ve been a freelance graphic designer in Grants Pass for most of my life. I started my career in advertising sales where I listened to the business pulse of my local community, helped people to promote themselves, and helped them grow their business. Years flew by and along the way, I realized that there was something unique about advertising – I learned various ways to foster messages that communicated in an artistic way, which led me to graphic design.

I started designing small projects for people and decided to pursue what I enjoyed so much, which led me into the commercial printing industry. I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about print design, and how desktop publishing was advancing the industry. Technology moves fast, and my design skills were changing with the times.

In 1992, Flying Toad Graphics was born. I decided to make a living doing what I had a passion for; Graphic Design. Since those early days, and I continue to this day – using my knowledge of design, advertising, and printing services, I help create and launch new product lines, upgrade promotional and marketing materials, generate business identities, branding and advertising campaigns to expand client market share, advise and handle printing, offer photography services and web design.

I expressed earlier that technology moves fast and the web moves even faster. As you can see, my strengths over the years have been in print media. However web design is fascinating and the web is constantly changing the way we do business. As I continue to get more involved in designing for this mass communication called the internet, I’m looking forward to what the future will bring.

Hopefully this gives you a better idea of what Flying Toad Graphics is about. I encourage you to take the time to review my portfolio. I look forward to working with new clients and to continue to build solid business relationships with existing ones.

Best regards,

Ben Blankenbaker


Above average
Score status Average