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Send recognition

This is the core part of our project or in other words, this feature generates revenue and earns reputation for the company. What exactly is the idea, and why is it important?

  • You get an independent tool to "remind" your old and loyal customers about yourself, and this opens up new opportunities.
  • Recognitions received or sent by you as an image can be a great tool for advertising on Social Networks for both parties, and there is also a check for authenticity from abuse.
  • For all filtering and searches on the site, we have provided a methodology for fair sorting of the results, based on the scale of the business and confirmed reviews (after recognition has been sent).
  • Our tool "tactfully" reminds you of occasions to contact your partners and "mark" positive points.
  • A great tool for NGOs to remind and surround with attention and compliments their donors, volunteers and partners.
  • An additional way to be discovered by potential clients, based on your good ratings for your services Especially important for smaller companies and freelancers, this way you are "visible" to potential partners in the list of services, and not at the bottom" after various by target, size and location of companies.

Send recognition - a priority for that limited percentage of your customers who you know have the potential to be "developed" long-term.

  • 1. Selecting a partner by searching or by adding a company.
  • 2. Selection of template from several provided templates for recognition in the system.
  • 3. Enter the text (limit 150 characters), person and company.
  • 4. Sending an email (thumbnail) to the partner with a link to the system.
  • 5. Your client receives a finished product for marketing purposes on Social Networks.


Templates are grouped-themed templates for recognitions or holidays. We have provided different designs for the different types of recognitions for evaluating companies - with them, a client of a company gives recognition for work done by the team and or attitude.

Recognitions for birthdays or holidays - a small gesture of attention to various former or future work partners, with whom it is aimed to strengthen or start relationships.

Subscription / Pricing

Why have we provided paid services and is it good to use them?

The following limits are provided for the free account:

  • There is a limit of up to 15 services per company.
  • There is a limit of up to 3 locations per company.
  • There is a limit of 1 article per month for a company.

If your company has a larger scale of operation such as services offered or a number of locations, we don't want to restrict you from choosing which ones to specify, you'll just add your preferences. The same applies to the number of articles per profile, the scale of the published information is fixed.

For those companies that want to publish a wide list of locations, and services, to expand the volume of sent recognitions or articles, we have provided various forms of subscriptions or paid services. It is important to note that these services are of goodwill and are not required to rank better with the system's main methodology, they simply increase the chance of positioning in more categories or locations, which is important for large companies.

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