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Companies providing service: Education & Training Services

Service: Education & Training Services

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Corporate Environmental Responsibility (CER)


Founding date 28 May 2009
Type Small (10-49) Company
State Looking for clients


We are a leading custom software development company based in India that provides highly qualitative, on-schedule & cost-effective software solutions as per client's requirements. We help our customers reduce operational costs and empower them to focus on core business activities by delivering dynamic software solutions. Dexoc expertise in AWS cloud consulting services such as AWS Cloud migration, DevOps pipeline creation for serverless apps, AWS EC2, S3, AWS Autoscaling group, Elastic Load balancer & Elasticsearch, AWS Beanstalk, Lambada, Cloud template formation, CI & CD, Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins, Bamboo, etc.

Dexoc offers custom software solutions for web, server, and desktop environments. We have vast experience and capacity to elaborate projects within technologies like, Java, Node.js, BizTalk server, SharePoint server, JavaScript, C++, Python and Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure cloud, Google Cloud Platform, etc. We have delivered custom software, enterprise applications, web applications, and mobile app solutions across the globe with a list of 150+ clients, including Fortune 1000 companies. 

We follow best practices and industry standards for the project development lifecycle to deliver software solutions with utmost client satisfaction. To make the whole software development & software deployment process smooth, we have a team of highly qualified and vastly experienced project managers and business analysts in our company.


Above average
Score status Average


Founding date 01 Jan 2021
Type Medium (50-249) Company
State Looking for clients


Medline Academics has carved a niche for itself by prioritizing quality, particularly evident in their flagship Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine program. This program attracts aspiring practitioners seeking a well-regarded qualification. 

The advanced Hybrid Mode of Education, which Medline Academics pioneered and which seamlessly blends traditional classroom instruction with online resources to create a dynamic and interactive learning environment, is what distinguishes Medline Academics from its competitors. 

Compared to shorter certification courses, the Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine offers unparalleled depth. It boasts an extensive curriculum that equips participants with a thorough understanding of the field. But Medline Academics doesn't stop there - they understand the crucial role of practical experience. 

The program prioritizes practical training, providing students with invaluable hands-on experience under the guidance of esteemed faculty members and specialists. This ensures graduates are not just theoretically knowledgeable but also possess the practical skills necessary to thrive in the field. Medline Academics positions itself more than just an educational institution. They frame the program as a transformative journey that equips students with the knowledge, practical skills, and likely the confidence to excel in their careers in reproductive medicine.


Above average
Score status Average