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01. What is Ants' path retention marketing methodology?

The "ants’ path" is an essential factor in sales and commerce, as it is direct evidence that the herd principle in nature is also visualized in the behaviour of people/consumers.

When your business is part of the "ants’ path", then your customer base is constant or expanding. Your main concern should be to keep or take care of your customers, this guarantees you stability and prosperity in the future.

If you allow your customers to turn to another supplier for a short period of time or for a certain service of yours, the chance that they will then return to you is minimal, and the costs of achieving this will be many times greater than standard.

02. What is

The most accurate description is "a tool to optimize sales among our extensive list of clients".

The old people say that in a sack of flour, even after it is empty if you beat it properly, you will get flour for one loaf. It's the same with old and satisfied customers, you can always "beat" money out of them if you've done your job well and built trust.

This is the ant's path, the supplier's chance to always have a reserve of solvent customers.

03. How do we rank?

How Do We Compare?

We use an unbiased algorithm. Community-Focused and transparent. Companies must work their way up; they cannot buy their way there.

We take the rankings very seriously. Because of our methodology's standardization, the companies' rankings are automatically determined based on their accomplishments (recognitions) and ratings. Simply said, does not show favouritism.

Examine Strength

The number of reviews. The algorithm takes into account the overall amount of reviews a business has accumulated.

Our Reasoning: As we receive more reviews, our rankings will become much more helpful to our visitors.

Average Score

The algorithm calculates a company's average star rating based on user feedback.

Our Reasoning: Our users may get a more thorough understanding of a company by looking at the average star ratings from the "crowd."

04. How is transparent?

We take pride in ensuring that users can understand how and why the rankings are produced in the manner that they are. Our Research methodology page will give you a thorough explanation of the methodology used to decide where a freelancer/company/NGO appears in the results. It also explains what actions businesses should do to stand out from the crowd. None of this information is kept in a "black box" or otherwise unavailable to the public.

05. Who runs was created and is managed by a professional team with 13 years of expertise in the bespoke software sector. A significant portion of the team has experience working with custom software and websites, where rankings are based on internal processes and approaches that identify what makes a given product or service superior. The crowd has been used in a variety of ways to help create things as a result of how the Internet has developed. The Anthspath team has gathered to ask the public to vote on the goods and services they believe are the greatest based on their personal experiences.

Click here to find out more about our team.

06. How does this benefit the customer?

The products and services mentioned in the rankings are the best according to the comments of the reviewers, so customers may explore with confidence. Customers, employees, and other interested parties who have an opinion on the calibre of goods and services make up the reviewers.

Before making a choice, a vast number of parties must agree on the overall quality of the product or service.

07. How does this benefit the provider of a product or service?

Today, 90% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase. A provider is more likely to rank well in the algorithm's rankings if they provide excellent customer service and garner favourable evaluations. As a result, providers receive more qualified leads from people looking for the good or service they are selling, increasing their revenue. As they are able to demonstrate and persuade potential customers that their goods and services fit customer expectations, providers typically see higher conversion rates. Last but not least, as an extra bonus, suppliers also get the ability to hear unprompted feedback from the clients they ordinarily might not have had the chance to speak with.

08. How do I get my product/service listed?

By clicking here, you may register your business or claim an existing profile if you're interested in having your company or services listed on our website.

09. How is this different from other websites?

We are not a platform for pay-to-play rankings. We don't take cash in exchange for rankings positions or other placements. The evaluations that customers read are left by people who have first-hand experience with service since they are published by people who have established their identity.

The decision of where to list a good or service is made by our open algorithm.

10. How do you make money?

This tool has been created with the main purpose of offering you an additional opportunity to monetize your current and past customers who are well aware of the quality of your services. Money well-invested in your affiliate relationship is a guarantee that you will get a much higher return on funds in the future than standard advertising or lead buying, and the statistics for this are ironclad.

So, invest time in sending recognition to a percentage of your customers, and you will get real results in a short time after.

11. How can I improve my position in the rankings?

Reviews & recognitions

The majority of the ranking factors are user reviews and recognitions. Your ranking position will inevitably rise if you receive more verifiably positive reviews for your goods or services. It is crucial to ask your clients to share their experiences in the form of reviews. It's also critical to make sure you get consumer feedback and recognition on how well your product or service met their needs.

12. Can I get a negative review removed?

A bad review cannot be taken down once it has been published on our website.

13. Why is the website showing “coming soon”?

We are actively evaluating additional features in order to provide our users with a more useful retention marketing tool.

14. Can I remove my profile from

Consumers have a legal right to know about the surrounding businesses.

But if necessary, you can contact us at for further information.

15. Is there any long-term contract?

There’s no contract on any of the packages; you can cancel or opt out of your plan anytime. It is simply a ‘pay as you go’ service.

16. Can I change plans at any time?

Yes, you can change your plan at any time. To change it, click on Manage > Account / billing > Manage plan and choose the plan that best suits your requirements.

17. What is your refund policy?

At Antspath, customer satisfaction is our top priority. If, for any reason, you're not satisfied with your purchase, simply let us know within 15 days of signing up, and we'll be happy to issue you a full refund.

18. What are the modes of payment that you accept?

We accept payments via PayPal, as well as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

19. Can I pay via bank transfer?

Yes, we do accept payment via bank transfer, but only for a yearly subscription. You can contact us at, and we will issue you an invoice for your subscription.

Please note that wire transfer charges will also be included in the invoice.