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Real estate website development stages

17 Nov 2023

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Each real estate startup should go through the following stages of development, from coming up with an idea to launching on the market and achieving success.

Discovery stage - In this first stage, you need to analyse the business, clearly define the problem you’ll solve and suggest a solution.

Idea validation stage -  At this stage, it’s necessary to validate your idea with the help of market and competitor research. 

UX strategy stage  - At this stage, it becomes possible to create high-fidelity prototypes of your real estate solution.

Design and development stage - During this stage the actual product is developed. Development is broken down into substages and sprints to clearly plan design and development workflows.

 How much does it cost to build a real estate website?

Even though the stages of development are the same for all web projects, the feature set and price will always be different.However, if you want to get a professionally built website that’s capable of lead generation, ready for SEO promotion, and appealing to your users, it may cost more.  The changes in the global economy shouldn’t be an obstacle to real estate startup development. Strategic thinking, careful research, and collaboration with a reliable software development vendor will give you a solid chance to create and scale your project.

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