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Insurance Progressive Web Application

04 Apr 2024

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Wollow helped JZI (Part of Lev Ins) create an intuitive insurance progressive web app (PWA) for real clients and save costs on mobile app development.

Business challenges

Build a fast-loading and user-friendly mobile application for the insurance industry, which would enable users to quickly and easily report an incident, accident or insurance claim right from their mobile phones.Make stored data accessible only to users of this web app for insurance.Value delivered

Built a Progressive Web App which allowed JZI to significantly cut costs on mobile app development and launch faster, at the same time providing its end-users with an enhanced mobile experience.Integrated Rest API helped to build an insurance web app with safe Data processing. This integration made the PWA delivered a great web solution for the insurance provider.The application created has an effective and easy-to-manage administration panel, allowing to control the data and update the conditions when necessary.Embedded a complex logic and accuracy of all the insurance process depending on the chosen scenarios. This step was essential to build an insurance web application that meets compliance regulations.The Progressive Web App delivered is ready for scaling by adding new products in the future.Progressive Web App

Created an insurance web app that is easy-to-use and fast-loading. It allows customers to use the app even with low-end mobile devices or poor network connection. This way, users can easily purchase an insurance policy and report an incident wherever they are, just using a mobile phone with the insurance web app installed.

UX and UI design

Built a responsive insurance web application with intuitive UX, as well as visually-appealing UI design according to the company’s identity. The user interface allows clients to select the required insurance options easily and helps them fill in the required information in this insurance progressive web app.

Claims management

We've created an effective and easy-to-use Claims management functionality to control the current and past claims and submit or remove them if necessary. Here, you can see the status of your claims and view the final compensation for each incident. Also, this tab allows users to see the timeline of their claims.

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