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We Are Hazard

New York City, New York
01 Jan 2019
Small (10-49) Company
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First and foremost, we're a team of gamers. Beyond that, we each bring a proven track record of success in marketing, community management, platform development, and more to the table. Combining our passions helps us solve an important pain point for streamers: how do I grow? It also helps us find new ways for brands to interact with an aggressively evolving community: the streaming audience. We address the challenge that small-to-mid-size streamers face on a daily basis by providing them the tools and the network to succeed. In parallel, we bring opportunities to brands looking to get their products and services in front of this uniquely engaged audience. So how do we do that? For anyone who is familiar with an advertising network, we help bridge the relationship between brands on one side and streamers and their audience on the other. Through matching, campaign development and management, asset facilitation, to tracking and reporting, we help with all the moving parts of a streaming promotion, sponsorship,



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New York City, New York


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