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Zag Creative

Edmonton, Canada
01 Jan 2009
Small (10-49) Company
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We're zag. A full service marketing and advertising agency specializing in strategic marketing plans and creative marketing as a whole. zag creative may seem like a typical ad firm, but we're not. We're better.What makes us unique and special (to those who aren't our mothers) is our experience, collaborative client approach and emphasis on strategy.With a head office in Edmonton and a satellite office in Calgary, zag creative, has the Alberta market covered. Let's face it though, we live in a globally connected world so by that logic zag is really worldwide. When everyone else zigs, we zag. But what does that really mean, we zag?Simply put, we don’t want to be like other advertising agencies, firms and design houses. There’s no follow the leader, ditto or us too philosophy here. We just want to be us.Proud of the work we do.Able to help our clients achieve their goals.Taking the time to get it done right.We’re zag and we want our clients to zag with us.



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Edmonton, Canada


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