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Nine Labs

01 Jan 2012
Small (10-49) Company
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Proven Processes. High-value Insights. Long-term Results. Our workshops and consulting engagements will help you rethink your thorniest problems, craft elegant solutions, and uncover actionable next-steps you can start putting in place the very next business day. Different By Design In addition to our full-time staff at Atlanta HQ and regular presence in New York City, we retain a deep network of consultants, researchers, designers, engineers, developers, and analysts. Our extended team includes some of the most talented people in the industry, and when needed, we bring them in to get your project done right the first time. Startup Thinking at Enterprise Scale Due to our long history, deep experience, and proven success in the startup world, we can bring fresh thinking to enterprise problems. Remote-first teams using the “Hollywood” Model Our teams have been working across the globe for decades. We put only the right people on the team and we can work anywhere in the world. Technology and Platform Agnostic by


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Atlanta, GA, United States


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