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Codify Automotive

Hopkinton, Massachusetts
01 Jan 2016
Small (10-49) Company
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We believe that if we focus on the car shopper, our dealers will benefit most. We are a software company that uses technology to match the perfect vehicle from the car shopper to your inventory. Codify Automotive has designed a Holistic Automotive Platform that will help dealers Find a Higher Quality and Quantity of Customers for Less Cost, Sell at better gross and improved CSI and Keep more customers loyal to all your profit centers. Codify Automotive puts the power of Marketing and Competing in your hands. Your new platform allows dealers to makes changes to all offers on multiple pages simply and effectively. The best part is, once you make your ad copy changes within the platform, your ads will automatically update SRP's, VDP's and Specials Pages on your site. Our Package and Options System allows consumers to see relevant equipment on your cars to outshine the competitions and help you and your team hold more gross. Work Smarter, not Harder, you don’t have to be a PPC Expert to maximize your ROI. Simply



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Hopkinton, Massachusetts


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