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Lion Marketing Agency

Toronto, Ontario
01 Jan 2016
Small (10-49) Company
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Lion Marketing Agency is a performance-driven digital marketing company that creates long-term partnerships with its clients. They have been around the block for over three years and cultivated a team that focuses on providing results for their partners. They have been named Top Marketing Agency in Ontario in 2018 by Canadian CV Business Awards and Top Digital Marketing Agency in 2019 by Clutch Magazine. The agency is comprised of 8 team members who work together day in and day out to deliver results far better than the industry average. They have delivered an average return of 6.14x ROI for their clients for all marketing campaigns. Lion Marketing Agency caters to businesses that are ready to take the next step in levelling up their business using effective social media marketing and paid advertising. They want to help you reach your target audience at the lowest cost possible and provide ROI that will help you take more time off your business. The best part about Lion Agency is that they do not lock you int



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Toronto, Ontario


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