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Lillian James Creative

Mission, KS
01 Jan 2016
Small (10-49) Company
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Consider us your personal underground marketing department, arming you with the content you need to make an impact on your audience. Not only do we believe in whipping up killer creative materials, but we are passionate about making quality marketing accessible to every business with a great idea. It’s our goal to level the playing field and put great marketing in the hands of every talented entrepreneur, inventor, and businessperson, not just the ones in suits on the 29th floor. We believe that every quality product and service deserve equally distinct marketing opportunities. We think about content marketing differently and it’s our mission to create an industry where the only thing that determines who gets the customers’ attention is who has the best ideas, products, and services, not who has the grandest company with the biggest team. We supply you with out-of-this-world content, created by top-tier creative masters, so that your idea gets the quality marketing it deserves.



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Mission, KS


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