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The Mob's Press

Toronto, Ontario
01 Jan 2016
Small (10-49) Company
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We are an online marketing and promotions company for Artists & Cultural Producers. We promote, support and cover the arts, comedy and culture scene of the cities we represent. Think of us as a dynamic media outlet that can create, curate and convert your content into direct sales for your event and your brand. We write reviews, build websites, cover events, run social media campaigns and more. We have all the services and tools needed to get your name visible online, a team of content creators ready to tweet the word, and the business know-how to drive results. With thousands visiting our media publishing sites in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Los Angeles- our stories, reviews, interviews, social sharing and more can travel far, deep and wide. Leverage our extended network of culture lovers, festival partners and content creators to get your brand and name seen on the World Wide Web. GET ONLINE MANAGEMENT Branding. A&R. Management. Sales. The Internet. The business landscape for today’s emerging artists has



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Toronto, Ontario


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