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GryNow Influencer Marketing

Delhi, New Delhi
01 Jan 2017
Small (10-49) Company
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Grynow is a marketplace where influencers(YouTubers/Instagrammers) and marketers(brands)connect with each other for the promotions of the offerings by the brand. "On Grynow, we’ve reversed the manual process of influencer marketing in that rather than going to different social media channels to try and find influencers manually, brands can simply post a request for content, indicate the social media channels they want content for (YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) and influencers who are interested in the opportunity send proposals and creative ideas to the brands and we help brands in everything from making a creative video to upload and give them an analysis of how much engagement, clicks and sales they get through our campaign. As a result, brands don’t need to go through an agent or reach out to influencers individually. Grynow saves brands a great deal of time and effort."​ "Our platform also provides data to help brands make the right hiring decisions, including information about the influencers



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Delhi, New Delhi


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